We are challenging conventional concepts and reinventing ephemeral gadgets into imaginative, infinitely repairable masterpieces. Bringing long-lasting products and enduring inspirational experiences into your home.

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The brand captures attention with state-of-the-art ideas and ever-lasting quality of the Pointer Instruments.

Lunar Artefacts aims to bridge the gap between design and technology with hand-crafted computer mouse.

These gentlemanly peripherals are lovingly stitched in full-grain leather and intended to patina with time communicate unique ethos and craftsmanship.

The Lunar Artefacts Pointer Instrument changes the way you think a computer mouse can look like and its easy-to-repair design completely changes the game.

The company made its mouse as a response to mainstream electronics. The Pointer is built to essentially be the last mouse you'll ever need.

Lunar Artefacts of London became a pioneer of success in the technology sector for developing infinitely repairable gadgets with replaceable details.

Lunar Artefact’s products focus on materiality, practicality and longevity – boasting high-grade design and comfort.

We don't see Lunar Artefacts competing with major gadget manufacturers as they are playing the same game but they are in a whole different league.