For many of us, it's something we use every single day, for both work and leisure. Yet the majority of the computer mice in existence today, (and like many other products out there) are entirely plastic, made to a cost with a very short life span.

To address this problem, we spent 18 months researching, designing, crafting and perfecting. In the end we proudly created the Pointer Instrument: a fusion of art, practicality and precise engineering.


The Pointer Instrument is designed as a hand rest. You don’t hold it, but rest on it.

In order to achieve the perfect surface angle, we produced numerous prototypes and tested among different end-users. The final design has a very low and subtle curve, designed to follow the natural arch of your hand, so that the hand is supported in its most relaxed position. The large leather surface provides an incredible tactile and comfortable sensation, flows from your palm down to the fingertips. Sides flare out with a smooth edge for better control, providing a super smooth experience that’s closer to a touch pad.


Materiality is the key to our design philosophy, what material could meet both our performance requirement as well as the test of time?

Leather Top

We selected leather as it allows the skin to breath when in contact for a long period of time. It is not a coincidence that you find this material used for steering wheels, handles and even gloves; leather has a proven track record for its suitability and endurance.

To find the most perfect leather that’s fit for purpose (soft but durable) and meets our ageing performance as well as sustainability requirements; we have searched and sampled from all over the world and visited numerous factories. We were delighted to have finally found a perfect calf leather from a prestigious French tannery, who has a long heritage in sustainable leather production and supplies some of the world's most well known brands.

Metal Base

We wanted to have a contrasting yet complimenting material for the lower shell; a material that could bridge the gap between tech and fashion. We love our choice of brass and aluminium for the way the patina develops and the ease of refurbishment.

The different properties of the two metals also gave us the option of two weight models to meet different demands. The standard options are just polished with no additional coating or treatment allowing them to have a natural ageing process. But we do understand some may like to keep theirs pristine so we have also worked out a gold plated option.


As Architect and designer, we appreciate buildings and products that are thought through inside and out. We wanted to apply these principles to our company.

We put in equal attention and effort to the interior design and questioned every decision we made towards the details and forms. As a result, every screw and every line has a purpose, no more and no less, crafted out of both functional requirements and visual aesthetics.

Instead of hiding what’s under the hood, we are presenting it, not that you will need to open it but you can rest assured this isn't just a pretty cover. If any unforeseen does occur, we have also made it easy to maintain, disassemble and repair.

INTERACTIVE - Have a look inside with our interactive demo below, they are mouse and touch enabled so can spin, pan and zoom in on all the fine details. Theres also a track bar at the bottom for you to rewind and a close button in the top right hand corner.






All of us has an inner child who loves the opening experience of a present, even if it’s a present to ourselves. We wanted to apply these principles to our company.

Keeping this in mind, we looked to create a perfect balance between the minimal exterior and a more elaborate interior, to offer an element of surprise through the contrasting details and the way the mouse is revealed.

The package is normally designed to be a disposable item. While it is absolutely necessary to protect the product during transportation, we find they can be incredibly wasteful. So while ours are still made out of recyclable materials, we were compelled to try and embed another purpose for them, so their lives can be extended as something useful other than waste.


To ensure the delivery of high performance, Lunar Artefacts has appointed specialists from the get go to create the electronic components, working alongside their product development for seamless compatibility.


Main features including:

- Three connection mode:

  Bluetooth 5.0 | Dongle 2.4G | USB-C cable

- Dual charging mode:

  Wireless charging | USB cable

- Fast and stable connection

- Fast charging

- Minimum power usage

- Latest Track-on-glass optical chip 

- Replaceable OMRON micro switches

- Adjustable DPI from 800-3000

- Weight of brass model: est 220g

- Weight of aluminium model: est 130g

- Both Windows and Mac