We live in changing times. The digital age numbs our connection to human beings as well as physical items. People are increasingly drawn to fast food, fast fashion and fast service; and our life is filled with soulless, short-lived items due to their cheap cost and convenience. We almost don’t have time to pause and appreciate.

As a result, it’s rare to see a product that’s well designed, thought through and aimed at longevity.

At Lunar Artefacts, we are determined to change it.

Why Artefacts?

We believe a good design should be timeless, hence it should be designed to last.

We want to give everyday items the attention they deserve. We want to give them the chance to slowly develop their character through usage and time so that the more they age, the more charming they become.

For us, the success of a product is not just measured by its performance, but also how much the owner wants to expand its life through caring and repairing. We want our products to be so loved that one day, when the time comes, they will be displayed alongside other precious memories and earn the title of artefact.

Our Inspirations

Iconic designs from the last century have always played an important role in our design journey.

We admire the way they are styled, made and aged with time. They are a constant reminder for us to question what are the key moments to a product and what makes them special.

We want to inherit those traditional design cues and bring back some of the unique qualities that made them worth keeping.

Designed to be Fixed

When your house has issues, you don’t move away, you fix it.

We want the same for our product. Hence why all the Artefacts are designed carefully with components that are replaceable so can be fixed by us or yourself.


The package is normally designed to be a disposable item. While it is absolutely necessary to protect the product during transportation, we find they can be incredibly wasteful. So while ours are still made out of recyclable materials, we were compelled to try and embed another purpose for them, so their lives can be extended as something useful other than waste.




Have a play with our interactive demo above, they are mouse and touch enabled so can spin, pan and zoom in on all the fine details. Theres also a track bar at the bottom for you to rewind and a close button in the top right hand corner.