The value and character of our product is developed through our slow, organic design process as well as our intimate involvement in the manufacturing.

Ideas have the time they need to grow fully and percolate every aspect of the product; the use of material is carefully considered and every detail is curated with intent. We believe this brings alive a different product, with a sense of care and genuineness.

Our holistic working process also means that we retain complete creative freedom to bring our visions to life from their original, seed-like beginnings. Once we are certain with the design, we hunt endlessly until we find suitable factories to develop together a manufacturing process to realise our design.

By consciously working on just one product at a time – each taking 3-18 months – every project is a journey, reflecting our changing understanding of an object in relation to our life and culture.

We believe every good design derives from numerous iterations, testing and refinement.

For every product, the entire design development process and master samples are hand crafted in-house here in London, which gives us the freedom and control over the fine details of our product. We treat our projects like how we create art, not only it is far more enjoyable but also allows for an organic process to come about, where the expected can grow into the unexpected.

Every idea starts on paper where lines and proportions are defined. The 3D form however was developed through physical clay models, as we believe it’s the best way to get a sense of scale and comfort.

We continued to work between digital and physical models to ensure all the components and features are balanced and in harmony.

Every detail was worked out meticulously, from the way the metal folds, the sharpness of the edge details, to the way the leather stretches and wraps and even the order of the stitching; are all tested through numerous physical samples.

We are a small team, however with our collective experience we are able to understand and control the whole production cycle from beginning to end.

We believe it is important to get the factories involved from the outset to achieve the consistency we want and avoid any potential post-rationalisation.

In order to maximise control over the quality and the cost, we have broken down the manufacturer and supplier chain wherever possible, so we are directly involved in every manufacturing process and decision making. We also visit factories and request samples frequently to ensure our design is thoroughly tested and refined, so the parts could be produced and assembled to match the high standard of our in-house master samples.