The Pulse Volitari is a premium wireless charging pad crafted from uncoated metals and finished with the finest French leather.

The perfect desktop companion with 5 overlapping copper coils and fast charging - will simultaneously charge your essential devices.

The multi-device charger was inspired by an urge to create a practical gadget with charming visual features compact and sleek design matching multiple spots in any home or office: from a nightstand to a desktop.

Design Approach

We believe timeless designs should last the test of time, hence why we create our products with the consideration of future repairs. Most components could wear out with time, but we should be able to repair the malfunctioning parts instead of replacing the device itself.

We aspired to bring advanced design into our homes, something that breaks free from minimal cylinders and boxes. This flowing form blends the features of an art piece and a practical device.

Induction Charging Coils

Our 5 coil array generates a larger magnetic field that allows easier placement and simultaneous charging of two devices. 

How does induction charging work?

Electrical energy is applied to create a magnetic field around every coil of copper wire. The magnetic field is converted back into electric power to charge the battery when the device is placed.


Enhanced with full-grain French leather for a timeless finish. The leather is stitched, not glued, which means it will not peel as time passes by. Consciously sourced, it will age beautifully and develop a patina with time.

We use leather, turning food industry by-products into a sustainable choice. We are also trying to do this in the most humane way possible; our supplier is a tannery in the South of France that only reclaims leather from food stock.


The base shell is hand-polished to perfection, with no surplus coating or treatment. We prefer un-plated metals as they allow the product to age naturally. The base shell is hand-polished to perfection, with no surplus coating or treatment. We prefer un-plated metals as they allow the product to age naturally.

The brass base was chosen for a natural ageing process; it allows patina to emerge, while the stainless steel base for low maintenance and long-lasting shine.

Our ideas are design driven with practicality and quality in mind, not the low cost and ease of manufacturing.

Meticulously hand-crafted inside and out, we treat every component equally with the same care and attention. We rarely use glue and prefer screws and fixings. Hence, every product we develop is built to last and can also be easily disassembled and repaired.


- 5 coil array with fast charging.

- Qi-enabled dual charging.

- Foreign object detection.

- Thermal protection.

- Smartphone case-friendly.

- Non-slip rubber feet.

Device Compatibility

The Pulse Volitari is compatible with various Qi-enabled devices, from Android and iPhones to earbuds and watches.

"Effortless charging in a single, refined solution."

We meticulously design our products inside and out, taking pride in our high-quality creations. We've built a chain of suppliers and experts in the design and tech field that we can entirely rely upon, and for the last 15 months, we've been refining every detail of our Wireless Charger. We launched the Pulse Volitari Wireless Charger as a Kickstarter project in November 2021, and we aim to deliver it to our backers in Spring 2022.

After multiple rounds of prototyping, we have finished development and tooling, and the manufacturing process has already begun. The Pulse Volitari will be available in-store in Summer 2022.

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