Lunar Artefacts is a London based product design and development company. Inspired by an ambition to reinvent orthodox objects, continually complementing a world of technology with its emblematic endeavours.

We are a perfect balance between the artistic and the practical, the quirky and the sensible. Most of you would have seen, used, walked through or even owned products/projects we have worked on. With decades of professional experience in architecture, product and transport design, through all stages of the process and all scales of projects. We are combining all these disciplines to create bespoke pieces.

It all started with three questions:

If age is inevitable, then shouldn't ageing be a core part of the design?

Our society is influenced by fast-fashion and throw-away culture. We aim to change the false perception that new is better than old, in the society where over-consumption is a current standard. As creators, we believe our products should be designed to age and always be fixable. In a way, we are creating long-lasting products, giving them a chance to evolve and develop their own character over time.

Why can’t we design products like we design architectural projects?

For us, a building is much more than a container. It creates a special emotional and physical bond with a person, through the materiality and details. We treat each product as a bespoke architectural project, meticulously crafted inside and out, with our hands, minds and souls.

Can we bridge the gap between product and fashion?

We believe all design industries should perform under the same roof and learn from each other, hence in our products we are applying lavish tactile feeling and the quirky style from the fashion industry to the world of technology. Therefore, on top of the picture-perfect form and faultless function, there is another layer of surprise to our product - impeccable beauty.